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Bismarck's Local Water Experts

The Pure Water Solution is your source for advice you can trust, and solutions you can count on

Water Softeners

The Pure Water Solution carries exclusive water softener technology by Hellenbrand.

Not all water is the same. Our dedicated well water softener and city water softeners help us match the right system to your water.


Drinking Water Systems

Sometimes city water and well water contains things you’d rather not drink.

Reverse Osmosis systems reduce up to 99% of contaminants.  You’ll enjoy cleaner drinking water – great for city & well water.

Drinking Systems

Whole House Filters

Whole House Filters give you more than just better drinking water. You get fresh, filered water from every tap in your home.

Filtered water is great for dry skin and hair. Plus it adds a layer of protection for your entire home!

Whole House Filters

Looking for Better Water? We Can Help!

First, you need a water test.  Then we can help you find a solution for the problems you want to fix.  You’ll get advice you can trust, and a solution you can count on!

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soft water laundry

Better Water for Your Home and Family

Better water can make so many things more enjoyable.

You can wake up confident that your home’s plumbing and appliances are protected.

You’ll feel cleaner after every bath or shower.

Your clothes will stay softener, last longer, and look better.

Water will taste fresh and clean. The way it’s supposed to be.

You might even feel more relaxed knowing that better water saves you money.

Your Local, Trusted Advisors

The Pure Water Solution knows how important good water is.  We provide local service in the greater Bismarck and Mandan areas.

We’ve been part of this community for over 2 decades. We understand local North Dakota water problems. We fix them every day.  We can help with problems like hard water, chloramines, iron, and more.

Give us a call at (701) 557-1670 and we’ll help you get the water you want!